About the Program

About Enviro-Stories

PeeKdesigns established the Enviro-Stories program in 2009 because we are passionate about bringing children’s stories to life. By combining literacy, science and sustainability, this program not only supports student learning about their local area but it is also aligned to core curriculum outcomes. For teachers who want to go that extra mile, students can gain confidence in public speaking as they promote their books to their school, a sister/brother school and/or the community.

Through the valuable support of our sponsors, we have been able to bring Enviro-Stories to schools in regional New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. Since its establishment, the Enviro-Stories program has produced more than 250 student written and illustrated books and well over 70,000 copies distributed to schools and communities across the regions where the program has been run. This is a massive achievement for all the teachers, parents, students, sponsors and other contributors to this innovative program.

We hope that continued support for the program will see it spread across new regions of this wonderful and story-inspiring country.

Recipe for a Successful Program

This is our recipe for a successful Enviro-Stories program. We hope you find the results as delightful as we do.

PeeKdesigns secures sponsorship from an organisation/s and together they identify regional area for delivery of the program and choose a relevant theme. PeeKdesigns then prepares an education package that is based on the theme and the sponsor’s key target messages. This package includes everything that schools need to participate.
The program is launched and sent out to the targeted schools. PeeKdesigns and/or the sponsor contacts schools to encourage participation, offers workshops for schools, and provides ongoing support during the allotted time of the program (recommended minimum time is 1 full school term). 
Entries are submitted for judging, if participating in a competition program. If participating in a targeted program, the final stories are sent to PeeKdesigns for publishing. The number to be published depends on the sponsorship that has been secured.
PeeKdesigns prepares and edits the text and images and gets them ready for printing. Each published storybook is beautifully presented with the goal that they will stand up to any book (with regards to quality) in a library or shop. The printed books are then distributed in accordance to the sponsor’s requirements.

In the beginning…

Peter and Kelly Coleman

We (Peter and Kelly) are not only partners in business, but also partners in life. Having met many years ago in outback Northern Territory, we have migrated together across Queensland, New South Wales and have now settled in the beautiful East Gippsland region of Victoria. Through our travels around Australia we have many, many stories to tell about the places we’ve seen and the people we’ve met. We know the value of storytelling and the visual imagery it creates within the audience. It is our passion of the Australian environment, in all its shapes, sizes, colours, smells and people, that keeps inspiring us to teach others and help them generate their own unique experiences.

The word “PeeKdesigns” represents: Peter and Kelly’s Environmental Education Designs. It began in 2008 when we were asked to prepare a flying fox education kit and PeeKdesigns was born. For more information about PeeKdesigns, check out the website www.peekdesigns.com.au.

Peter Coleman

Manager and Enviro-Stories Coordinator

Peter established PeeKdesigns in 2008 to provide environmental education engagement opportunities for organisations. As business owner and manager, Peter is always ensuring that the best possible results are achieved for the client.

His teaching experiences provide him with strong leadership and mentoring skills. His role as the Enviro-Stories Program Coordinator uses his natural project management and negotiation skills to successfully coordinate large scale projects to time and budget with positive results for clients, suppliers and program participants.

Peter is experienced in managing projects as well as collating technical information and preparing text for interpretation. This can be seen in the education resources that Peter compiles for the various Enviro-Stories education kits where technical information is interpreted for students and teachers.

Peter is also experienced in document editing, especially for a younger readers. He has been editing children’s stories for the Enviro-Stories Education Program since 2009 and this is a valuable skill for ensuring that interpretive text is easily read by any audience.

Kelly Coleman

Senior Environmental Education Consultant

Kelly has a background in terrestrial ecology, coastal management and photography. She has used these skills to provide technical advice, support and expertise in the planning, development and designing of education, extension and interpretive materials for many projects.

Kelly has established community networks in the field of  environmental education in the Wide-Bay area of Queensland and in north-west NSW. Through these networks she has supported and mentored educators in local environmental issues and trained others on how to do the same.

Kelly has used her creative drive to become an established graphic designer for both print and online media. Her strength in this field  allows her to create intuitive, informative and interesting materials for both young and old.

Over her career, Kelly has also coordinated multiple events, both on small and large scales. Her experience in event management, organisation skills, marketing and ability to seek sponsorship provides a valuable set of skills to any event.

Our Stories

When presenting students with their published book you never get tired of the surprised looks on students faces. They never quite understand just what it means to be a published author. It is only until later that the reality sinks in and they are genuinely grateful for the opportunity to be involved in Enviro-Stories. Here are just a few of our stories.