Enviro-Stories Solo Project

An opportunity to join Enviro-Stories

Individual schools, groups and families, who are not located within areas covered by existing sponsored programs, can have their students/children write and illustrate a book that will be published as part of Enviro-Stories.

Since 2009, our sponsored programs have seen hundreds of books created by students from all over Australia about their local area (see our Library). Increasingly, we have had more and more people from outside our sponsored areas enquire about how they to can join Enviro-Stories. Due to the popularity of these requests we are happy to bring to you our Solo Project, where everyone has the chance to create an Enviro-Stories book.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost involved?
Yes. The Solo Project has costs associated with the publishing and printing of books. These costs have been kept to a minimum to make them affordable for individual schools and community groups. Costs can vary depending on your project so please contact us using the form below for more details.

Will I get help along the way?
Yes. We provide participants with a DIY Enviro-Stories package as well as being available online or over the phone for support.


Getting a Solo Project Started

If you think Enviro-Stories would be a good fit for your kids to be part of then please submit an enquiry below. We will be in touch with you to discuss the finer details of preparing a book and the costs involved based on your requirements.