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Our Farming Community Enviro-Stories Program

Our Farming Community Enviro-Stories Competition is open to all primary schools across Australia. Students will discover who is in their community that is doing great things for the agriculture sector – this could include families who run a farm, small businesses, scientists, government staff, shearers and many more. Seven storybooks will be published thanks to the Australia Cotton Research and Development Corporation.

Our Farming Community


Every Bit Counts Enviro-Stories Program

The ‘Every Bit Counts’ Enviro Stories program involves schools from the coastal regions of NSW learning about the importance of sustainably managing our farmland and natural resources. We all have a role to play in taking care of our country and EVERY BIT we can do to improve our region COUNTS towards protecting it for the future. Students have already begun to explore the destructive nature of invasive pests within our peri-urban landscapes through the City Livin’ Ferals program. 

Every Bit Counts

Feral Fix Enviro-Stories Program

The Feral Fix Enviro-Stories program involves schools from the Northern Agricultural Region of WA learning about the feral animals that are impacting our native wildlife, agricultural production and sensitive landscapes. Who’s going to FIX the feral problem? Is it you?

Feral Fix Program

Creative Catchment Kids

Creative Catchment Kids is our sister program running across the Western, Riverina and Murray regions of NSW.

Creative Catchment Kids Program
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Individual schools, groups and families, who are not located within areas covered by existing sponsored programs, can have their students/children write and illustrate a book that will be published as part of Enviro-Stories.


Enviro-Stories Sponsored Programs

Creative Catchment Kids

Petaurus Education Group delivers our sister program, Creative Catchment Kids, in the Murray Riverina Region of NSW. Each year they work with dozens of schools and hundreds of students to prepare books that form part of Enviro-Stories. Their stories are focused on their local communities to celebrate and share their heroes, towns, businesses and natural resources with readers from around the world.