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Fabulous Fibres Enviro-Stories Competition

The ‘Fabulous Fibres’ Enviro-Stories competition takes students on a journey into the world of natural fibres, where they come from and how they have been a part of our everyday lives for thousands of years. This competition is open to all primary schools across Australia.

Fabulous Fibres

Every Bit Counts Enviro-Stories Program

The ‘Every Bit Counts’ Enviro Stories program involves schools from the coastal regions of NSW learning about the importance of sustainably managing our farmland and natural resources. We all have a role to play in taking care of our country and EVERY BIT we can do to improve our region COUNTS towards protecting it for the future. Students have already begun to explore the destructive nature of invasive pests within our peri-urban landscapes through the City Livin’ Ferals program. 

Every Bit Counts

Managing our Mid-Coast Marvels Enviro-Stories Program

The ‘Managing Our Mid-Coast Marvels’ Enviro-Stories program will provide students with the opportunity to learn about some of the precious animals, communities and habitats of the Mid-Coast region of NSW.

Managing Our Mid-Coast Marvels

Farm Force Enviro-Stories Program

The ‘Farm Force’ Enviro-Stories program nvolves rural kids from the Hunter region, NSW, learning about the importance of good preparation to try and help make their farm more resilient and reduce the impacts of bushfire, pests, drought and flood.

Farm Force

Amazing Forbes Enviro-Stories Program

The ‘Amazing Forbes’ Enviro-Stories program will see Forbes Shire Council working with local schools and young people to celebrate how amazing the area is and how important it is to work together to protect their home for future generations.

Amazing Forbes

Hotspot Heroes Enviro-Stories Program

The ‘Hotspot Heroes’ Enviro Stories program involves schools from the wheatbelt region of WA learning about the biodiversity, threatened species and feral animals in the wheatbelt area. Students will write and illustrate a biodiversity-themed short story, focusing on local threatened species and what can be done to save them from extinction.

Hotspot Heroes

Creative Catchment Kids

Creative Catchment Kids is our sister program running across the Western, Riverina and Murray regions of NSW.

Creative Catchment Kids Program
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Individual schools, groups and families, who are not located within areas covered by existing sponsored programs, can have their students/children write and illustrate a book that will be published as part of Enviro-Stories.


Enviro-Stories Sponsored Programs

Creative Catchment Kids

Petaurus Education Group delivers Creative Catchment Kids, an Enviro-Stories sister program, in the Murray-Riverina region of NSW. They have worked with hundreds of students over many years to prepare books that form part of Enviro-Stories. These stories are focused on small communities to help celebrate local heroes, towns, businesses and natural resources.