Curriculum Links

Enviro-Stories has been designed to link in with multiple elements of the year 3 to 6 Australian Curriculum outcomes. However, participation is not limited to these grade levels and we have had books prepared from preschool through to year 11 high school students.

By taking part in the story writing component of the program, teachers can achieve multiple outcomes with their students depending on how they incorporate Enviro-Stories into their lesson program.

Key Outcomes

Key outcomes include those in the English and Visual Arts subjects. Teachers can choose to use Enviro-Stories to develop students preparedness for NAPLAN (National Assessment Program for Literacy and Numeracy) by studying persuasive texts or narratives.


The Arts – Visual Arts

Other Outcomes

Other outcomes under Science, Humanities and Social Sciences and cross-curricular priorities can be achieved. These are dependant on the topic of the storybook and if excursion that explore the local area are undertaken. These additional outcomes are identified below.


Humanities and Social Sciences

Cross Curricula Priorities

General Capabilities