Enviro-Stories is not only an education program for schools, but it is also a community engagement tool for prospective sponsors. The program relies on the generous support from our sponsors who have the ability to bring the program to their local community, no matter how small or diverse that community may be.

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What’s in if for me?

This is the question that everyone asks… so here is the answer.

Through Enviro-Stories, our sponsors have the opportunity to engage both primary schools and the students’ parents. Our sponsors are given the following opportunities:

  • Logo placement
  • Media exposure
  • Providing advertising / information in the schools package
  • Engaging the local schools and community (“feel good” benefits)
  • Ability to provide technical advice via the education package or directly to the schools through workshops
  • Choose the Enviro-Stories theme, usually related to your organisation or funding requirement
  • Printed books are distributed in the sponsors local community
  • Opportunities to present students with their published books and certificates

If you think Enviro-Stories might be a good fit for your organisation, and you can get that level of engagement within your local community that you have been missing, then send us a message and request a sponsorship package.

Cotton Industry Case Study

The Enviro-Stories competition was central to the overwhelming success of the Cotton CRC schools program from 2009-2012, encouraging students in grades three to seven, across nine catchment areas, to explore their local surroundings and write a 16-page school reader.

The competition was designed so the participating  schools were able to meet syllabus requirements in english, science, studies of society and environment, and creative arts. It is based on the pedagogy of ’Kids Teaching Kids’, providing an important learning process as older students write and illustrate the simple books for younger children to read as part of their literacy education.

At the end of 2012, a total of 865 entries  were received from over 1200 participating school students, with 52 winning entries published. The winning books were distributed annually to over 400 schools, community groups and local libraries throughout the cotton growing regions, from the Fitzroy basin in north Queensland to the Murrumbidgee in southern NSW.

The Cotton CRC was shut down in 2012 and since then the Cotton Research and Development Corporation has continued to run Enviro-Stories. We thank the cotton industry for their valuable support over the years.

Competition themes have included:

  • Creepy Crawlies… Life underground (2009)
  • Fur and Fins, Feet and Beaks: What can you find at your local creek? (2010)
  • An Aussie Bush Tale (2011)
  • Our Farmers, Our Future (2012)
  • Save Our Species (2013)
  • Farming Families (2014)
  • Feral Animal (2015)
  • Water in Rural Communities (2016)
  • Sensational Soils (2017)
  • From the Farm to You (2018)
As a sponsor, I love everything about the Enviro-Stories Program. Industries have the opportunity to get information that they want disseminated out into the community through the education packs that PeeKdesigns put together for Enviro-Stories. The fact that it’s got literacy, numeracy, science and agriculture…so many different subjects can be covered in the Enviro-Stories competition. It’s Kids Teaching Kids…it’s the whole package. 
Trudy Staines (CRDC) with Sharna Day and Sheree Howison from Wee Waa Public School

Trudy Staines (CRDC) with Sharna Day and Sheree Howison from Wee Waa Public School

Current and past sponsors and supporters

  • Australian Government
  • Bemboka Public School
  • Border Rives-Gwydir Catchment Management Authority
  • Burrumbuttock Public School
  • Central Tablelands Local Land Services
  • Central West Catchment Management Authority
  • Central West Local Land Services
  • Cotton Australia
  • Cotton Catchment Communities CRC
  • Cotton Research and Development Corporation
  • Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet – Indigenous Advancement Strategy
  • Eagle Point Public School
  • Gippland Lakes Ministerial Advisory Committee
  • Greater Sydney Local Land Services
  • Invasive Animals CRC
  • Lachlan Catchment Management Authority
  • Mallee Catchment Management Authority
  • Murray Darling Association
  • Murray Darling Basin Authority

  • Murray Local Land Services
  • Murrumbidgee Catchment Management Authority
  • Murrumbidgee Irrigation
  • Natural Resources Alinytjara Wilurara
  • North West Local Land Services
  • Northern Agricultural Catchments Council
  • Northern Tablelands Local Land Services
  • Petaurus Education Group
  • Queensland Murray-Darling Committee
  • Riverina Environmental Education Centre
  • Riverina Local Land Services
  • SEED North East Victoria
  • Taronga Zoo
  • Teesdale Primary School
  • Teys Australia
  • Victorian Association of Environmental Education
  • Western Local Land Services
  • Wheatbelt NRM
  • Wirraminna Environmental Education Centre