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The Gippsland Lakes Ministerial Advisory Committee has, as an important part of its charter, a role in delivering community education on matters relating to the Gippsland Lakes environment, to build understanding and capacity in our community to provide long-term custodianship of a healthy Lakes system. An important aspect of this activity relates to schools and young people, an area that is usually difficult and complex for government bodies to have influence.

Through the ‘Love our Lakes’ Enviro-Stories program, PeeKdesigns have successfully delivered a comprehensive, innovative and engaging program that has meaning and relevance to the participating schools and students in 11 primary schools throughout the region.

The keys to this success have been the ability to structure the program around our key messages and areas of interest and the curriculum needs of the schools. Through PeeKdesigns’ skills and ability to fully engage the partner schools, the program has been very well received, efficiently implemented and has raised the profile and knowledge of the Gippsland Lakes in this important cohort.

The program’s combination of hands-on discovery and appreciation, story telling, literacy and arts has educational and community appeal and builds a network of activity within and between participating schools. By creating flexibility for schools to choose their own specific themes, linking these to current scientific research, and connecting the activities of a broader range of partners including secondary schools, the program has created immense value and a foundation for future programs of its kind.

We congratulate PeeKdesigns on the innovation and professionalism of the program, which we consider to be unique in its format and highly beneficial as a tool for community education in environmental sustainability.

Martin Richardson

Executive Officer, Gippsland Lakes Ministerial Advisory Committee 2014


All teachers and students involved in the Enviro-Stories have commented on how involved the students become in the topics, the amount they learn and the awareness they have of their local areas and issues.

Liz Davis

Education Officer, Central Tableland Local Land Services 2014


Our school is contracted by the Murray Catchment Management Authority to deliver educational programs on Natural Resource Management. Over the past two years the Enviro-Stories Education Program has assisted us to offer a wonderful literacy program across 42 schools. Teachers, students and parents are delighted to be involved in such a highly engaging and motivating program that produces such high quality class readers.

Owen Dunlop

Principal, Burrumbuttock Public School 2012


As a sponsor, I love everything about the Enviro-Stories Program. Industries have the opportunity to get information that they want disseminated out into the community through the education packs that PeeKdesigns put together for Enviro-Stories. The fact that it’s got literacy, numeracy, science and agriculture…so many different subjects can be covered in the Enviro-Stories competition. It’s Kids Teaching Kids…it’s the whole package.

Trudy Staines

CSIRO Education Officer 2012

As a classroom teacher passionate about providing real-life learning opportunities for my students this program has provided my students with learning opportunities I could only dream of providing. The realities of modern classroom teaching does not provide me with the resources for my students to be published authors at the age of 10!

The four students I chose to take part in the Enviro-Stories writing program were not my most confident writers, nor my most capable. They were the quiet achievers whom I knew would benefit most from learning that they can achieve anything they want to in life, if you believe in yourself and surround yourself with people who will support you. As such, my students journey has not just been an academic nor literacy based journey. They have grown socially, emotionally and academically. Their eyes have been opened to the true value and purpose of literacy and they are better for it.

They now have a life-long tie to their local environment through experiencing its beauty and wonder and learning to articulate these feelings and passions through words. Both my students and I are in awe of their achievements and as proud as punch!

This program has changed them as learners, contributors and environmentally responsible citizens for life and we thank you for that. Again, as a classroom teacher, parent and community member I thank you for the incredible opportunity you and your sponsors have enabled us to take part in, you have changed children’s lives forever!

Luella Bennetts

Teacher, Tumbarumba Public School 2012

Mick Collins

Principal, Boomi Public School 2009