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2017 Programs

City Livin’ Ferals Enviro-Stories Program

City Livin’ Ferals involves schools from the Greater Sydney area learning about the feral animals that are impacting our native wildlife, agricultural production, urban areas and other sensitive landscapes. Greater Sydney Local Land Services will be selecting schools from their region to participate in Enviro-Stories and helping these students learn about the damage caused by feral animals.

City Livin’ Ferals Program

Feral Fix Enviro-Stories Program

The Feral Fix Enviro-Stories program involves schools from the Northern Agricultural Region of WA learning about the feral animals that are impacting our native wildlife, agricultural production and sensitive landscapes. Who’s going to FIX the feral problem? Is it you?

Feral Fix Program

Creative Catchment Kids

Creative Catchment Kids will be running across the Western, Riverina and Murray regions of NSW this year. If you would like to find out more about the Creative Catchment Kids program then contact Stacee on 0423 074 578.

Creative Catchment Kids Program

Sensational Soils

The Cotton Research and Development Corporation will be running our Sensational Soils Enviro-Stories program again this year in their cotton growing regions – particularly northern NSW and southern Qld. If you’re in this region, please contact us to register your interest.


Sensational Soils Program

Hotspot Heroes Enviro-Stories Program

The Hotspot Heroes Enviro-Stories program involves schools from the Wheatbelt region of WA learning about the biodiversity and threats to biodiversity in the wheatbelt area. The Wheatbelt region is home to the Avon River Basin which is in the SW Australia Ecoregion International Biodiversity Hotspot. The Central and Eastern Avon Wheatbelt is also a National Biodiversity Hotspot.

Hotspot Heroes Program

The Solo Project

Have you got a story to tell but are not located within one of our sponsored programs listed below? Our Solo Project provides individual schools, groups and families with the opportunity to be part of the Enviro-Stories journey.