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Sensational Soils for NSW and Qld students has started!

We are happy to announce that the 2017 Sensational Soils Enviro-Stories program has been officially launched. This program has been sponsored by the Cotton Research and Development Corporation and is being run in Term 2 throughout central and northern NSW; and central and southern Queensland.

This year’s theme is all about one of our most important natural resources – soils!

We are looking for 15-page illustrated stories around the themes of:

  • What is soil made of?
  • Where does soil comes from?
  • Different types of soil – their texture and colour.
  • The importance of soil to agriculture.
  • The importance of soil to biodiversity.
  • What is living in our soils?
  • What you can do/make with soil.


The program page has the story template, an introduction to Enviro-Stories for teachers, some hints and tips, as well as a FREE education resource that contains a range fact and activity sheets all about soil.

So get your students researching, writing, illustrating and sending in entries for their chance to become a published author.