Sponsorship Package

We can tailor a sponsorship package to suit your community engagement needs and a detailed quote can be provided upon request.

Standard package deliverables

Enviro-Stories Education Package

Education kit: This resource (approx. 30 pages) includes information sheets, teacher’s notes and activities that can be used to help raise awareness of the theme. It is always recommended that teachers take students out of the classroom to experience their local environment, however we understand that this is not always achievable. The education kit provides them with an opportunity to explore the theme from their classroom/school grounds.

Enviro-Stories DIY Kit: The DIY kit includes a promotional flyer for the program, entry form, templates and a getting started documents for teachers wanting to participate.

Website access: All the education materials, hints, frequently asked questions, templates and entry forms are available online for registered schools. This is to allow schools with ongoing access to all the information about the competition and how to participate. This information is hosted on the Enviro-Stories website and site monitoring data (how many hits, downloads etc.) can be provided to the sponsor.

Support in marketing with schools: It is presumed that the sponsor will already have a developed relationship with local schools and it is therefore the responsibility of the sponsor to do get the schools involved. However, if the sponsor does not have an established relationship with local schools, then PeeKdesigns will develop a schools contact database for the region, contact schools multiple times throughout the program, post out information and get teachers motivated.

Judging for competition programs: If the program is run in a competition format, then judging of the entries will undertaken by PeeKdesigns, the sponsor and, if possible, a teacher from the sponsor’s region. If PeeKdesigns is required to attend the judging personally, then travel costs for the Enviro- Stories Coordinator will be calculated on a needs basis.

Published Books

Text and graphic editing: A student’s entry will often require editing to ensure that it is a quality product that meets literacy requirements in a school. PeeKdesigns takes the time to thoroughly edit a document for grammatical and technical errors and ensure that the sponsor’s needs are also met. Sometimes an entry can have a great story but the images are lacking in clarity and consistency. PeeKdesigns will spend many hours (sometimes it can take up to 5 hours per book) touching up images in the student’s chosen media (pencil, crayon or texta), sometimes creating missing images where necessary (using Photoshop), but never losing the integrity of the children’s work. This re-touching is also required to make sure the images stand out on a page once printed.

Preparation for printing: Our own graphic designer will make sure the books are prepared for publishing in a professional manner. Extra Photoshopping may be required to make sure the images and text look their best on the page. Each sponsor has a unique cover design developed for them and all efforts are made to acknowledge sponsors on the cover and internal pages of the book. The final product is then exported for offset or digital laser printing as well as a PDF that can be put on a website for download.

Lifetime hosting online: Each book is hosted on the Enviro-Stories Library website.

Interactive books: We can create interactive books for the iBooks app that can include pop-up science and environmental content to support student learning about the book’s topic. It is expected that the sponsor will help provide this additional content. These books can also have a chapter dedicated to the sponsor that gives the reader more information about their business. This is something that is very limited in the printed book version. The finished book is uploaded to the iTunes iBook Store for anyone to download and read.

This is a feature that is currently only offered on the iPad.


We can arrange to have the books printed through one of our preferred suppliers. Alternatively, we can arrange to have the books printed through your own supplier.

Other Services

Classroom workshops: PeeKdesigns consultants are equipped to run classroom or teacher workshops if the sponsor requires that extra support to get students/schools motivated. Depending on the location of the sponsor’s region, the cost for this service can vary quite considerably. Classroom workshops can include getting the students inspired in the theme, or they can focus on how to write the best story for publishing. We recommend liaising with local experts in the chosen theme to see if they will support the program by conducting a school visit and lesson.

Would you like to be a sponsor?

PeeKdesigns is willing to tailor a program to meet your needs and engagement requirements. If you would like more information, or to get an Enviro-Stories started in your region, get in touch with us today!