City Livin’ Ferals

City Livin' Ferals

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City Livin’ Ferals involves schools from the Greater Sydney area learning about the feral animals that are impacting our native wildlife, agricultural production, urban areas and other sensitive landscapes.

Many people think the problems caused by feral animals only affects rural and remote communities. In fact, feral animals are far more widespread and also have a devastating impact on our urban (city) areas and the surrounding regions.

Greater Sydney is a large and diverse region with natural environments including plateaus, coastal and estuarine landscapes, river valleys, beaches, parks and bushland. Feral animals affect all of these areas and cause problems wherever they are found.

City Livin’ Ferals is being supported by Greater Sydney Local Land Services and funded by the Australian Government. They will be selecting schools from their region to participate in Enviro-Stories and helping these students learn about the damage caused by feral animals.

Students involved in this program will write and illustrate a 15-page storybook focused on the feral animal(s) they have researched. This story will be published into an A5 school reader and the students will have the honour of becoming published authors. These books will be distributed to schools, libraries and throughout the wider community as a resource to help others learn about the topic.

Who’s living in your backyard?

Download “An Introduction for Teachers” and get started.

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Submit entries to…

Nicole Schembri
Greater Sydney Local Land Services
PO Box 4515
Penrith NSW 2750


This program is supported by Greater Sydney Local Land Services with funding from the Australian Government.

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