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The ‘Managing Our Mid-Coast Marvels’ Enviro-Stories program will provide students with the opportunity to learn about some of the precious animals, communities and habitats of the Mid-Coast region of NSW.

The Mid-Coast region has a large, unique mix of environments – coastal systems, estuarine wetlands and mangrove forests, rainforests, freshwater rivers and wetlands, open grasslands, woodlands and eucalypt forests. This diverse range of environments has led to a wide array of plants and animals calling the area home. Unfortunately, due to alteration of the landscape, introduction of feral animals and changing climatic conditions, many of the regions plants and animals have become vulnerable and their survival is under threat.

This program gives students the opportunity to research/learn about a threatened species – our Mid-Coast Marvels. Students will create a storybook to help others learn about these marvellous species and the work being done to secure their survival.

Download Flyer An Introduction for Teachers


What do I have to do?

STEP 1: Download your Story Template. 

Managing Our Mid-Coast Marvels Story Template

STEP 2: Identify and research your Mid-Coast Marvel.

Click on the toggle to show details of the animal your story will be about. Use the background information to help with your research. More animals will be added as the program progresses.


STEP 3: Write and illustrate a 15 page story plus 1 cover page as outlined in the Story Template. Make sure you…

  • View our Hints and Tips about how to write a good Enviro-Stories book. READ MORE…
  • Check out previous books to see how the books are laid out and the amount of text that has been used. GO TO THE LIBRARY…
  • Check the story to ensure any scientific or technical details are accurate.
  • Check the spelling and grammar.

STEP 4: Fill in our evaluation form for TEACHERS and STUDENTS.

STEP 5: Post the story and original illustrations to:

Daniel Trudgeon
Community Engagement Officer
Hunter Local Land Services
PO Box 440
Taree NSW 2430

Need some help?

For any questions about participating in the Managing Our Mid-Coast Marvels Enviro-Stories program, please contact:

Peter Coleman
Enviro-Stories Coordinator
Based in Victoria
Mobile: 0411 729 444

For any questions about the topic and local advice and support, please contact:

Daniel Trudgeon
Community Engagement Officer
Hunter Local Land Services
Based in Taree
Phone:  0419 436 185


Checklist before submitting your entry

I have read the Terms and Conditions of participating in this program.

I have made sure that any photos that contain people have been approved for public release.

I have made sure that all details on the entry are correct – e.g. student names.


Please fill out an evaluation form before submitting your entry.

Teacher Evaluation Form Student Evaluation Form

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