Walla Park – Landcare in action


Walla Walla Station homestead is over one hundred and fifty years old and is still standing to this very day. The farm is now known as Walla Park and is located near the towns of Walla Walla and Culcairn in southern NSW. It is bordered along one side by Billabong Creek. It is home to Morgan’s Lookout, a natural outcrop of rocks that is fenced off from the paddocks for wildlife and biodiversity protection. The Paech family allow public access to the lookout. It is an example of private-shared access, or public access to private property.


School: St Patrick’s Primary School, Holbrook

Year Published: 2018

Publisher: Petaurus Education Group and Holbrook Landcare Network

This project is supported by Holbrook Landcare Network, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program Small Environmental Grants.