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Gippsland Grammar students

Gippsland Grammar Book Launch Video

This video highlights the Gippsland Grammar book launched by the Minister for Environment, Ryan Smith.

Wingara Ellis, Kane Fulton and Kyah Stewart

Young authors love our dolphins!

Lakes Entrance Primary School students have prepared a book about Jimmy Four-Nicks the Burrunan dolphin and his quest to find out why he is different.

Gippsland Grammar students with Ryan Smith MP

Young authors not sheepish!

Students from Gippsland Grammar and "Willy the woolly sheep" highlight the importance of protecting our rivers and lakes.

Writing program focuses on Farming Families

The Farming Families Enviro-Stories program is being run in honour of the United Nations International Year of Family Farming.

Young authors love the Lakes

Eagle Point Primary School students became published authors and illustrators overnight in an exciting new project that shares children’s stories about...

Trudy Staines - Narrabri West Public School

Cotton Catchment Communities CRC

The Enviro-Stories competition was central to the  overwhelming success of the Cotton CRC schools program, encouraging students in grades three to...

Meadow Flat Public School

Central West CMA and Meadow Flat Public School

Since 2009, the Central West Catchment Management Authority (CMA) has been running Enviro-Stories across their catchment. They have managed to...

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